Body By Vi vs. Shakeology Comparison


Body By Vi vs. Shakeology Comparison

In today’s society it seems that everyone is drinking “meal replacement” shakes for one reason or another. Some drink them to get more protein in their diets, others drink them to cut calories, and some drink them for a quick and easy meal on the go. There has been a lot of hype and debate lately when it comes to the Shakeology vs. Body By Vi Comparison. Most people see these as “weight loss” shakes, and when doing comparisons of the two, many people stop after looking at cost and do not dig deeper to inform themselves on what they are truly putting into their bodies. I will give you the ingredient & cost breakdowns, some pros and cons, and my own PERSONAL preference.


Shakeology- Here is one of each. One whey protein formula and one vegan.

 Tropical Shakeology     


Chocolate Shakeology



Looking at Body By Vi shakes and Shakeology there are some obvious differences.

Body By Vi vs. Shakeology

1. Calories

  • Shakeology has 160cals/scoop vs. 90cal/2 scoops for Visalus. The obvious winner should be Visalus…right? WRONG!!! 90 calories is far too low to be considered a meal replacement. One might ask, “how many visalus shakes do I need to drink for weight loss results?” Visalus distributors suggest you replace 2 meals a day with shakes and eat 1 REAL meal. WHAT??? Your body needs calories for fuel. If you are not providing your body with the proper calorie intake it will send your body into starvation mode. This causes you to store fat you consume instead of burning it off. This will cause your body to burn muscle which will in turn slow your metabolism instead of speeding it up like you’d hoped. As a result, your body will store MORE fat long term. Also, 90 cals of anything is not going to “keep you full for 3-4 hrs” In reality, the fiber in the shake is what makes you feel full.

2. Sugar

How much Sugar is in Shakeology and Body By Vi?

  • Shakeology has 6g(chocolate has recently been lowered) of sugar which is all natural coming from different plant sources. Body By Vi has less than 1g of sugar which is great, BUT to make the “shake that tastes like cake” they replace the sugar with artificial sweeteners like SUCRALOSE(splenda).

Vi shakes contain SUCRALOSE: a very harmful chemical sweetener.

Side Effects from Sucralose:

  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Seizures, dizziness and migraines
  • Blurred vision
  • Allergic reactions
  • Blood sugar increases and weight gain

3. Protein

  • Visalus has only 12g of protein in 2 scoops! That’s super low, AND it contains SOY protein which may seem “healthy” but there is extensive research that states otherwise. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SOY
  • Shakeology’s original whey formula has 17g of protein in 1 scoop. It is made from whey protein isolate and it is a grade 7. It comes from untouched(by chemicals) farms.It also contains sprouted brown rice protein, AND pea protein.
  • Shakeology’s VEGAN formula has 15g protein in 1 scoop(with an additional 3g from the brown rice and sacha inchi) and is made from sprouted fermented brown rice protein and pea protein.

What kind of protein is in Body By Vi shakes?

Body By Vi shakes contains Soy Protein Isolate. Many people don’t see anything wrong with this but here are some facts about soy that you may want to look at.

What’s the PROBLEM with SOY????(Not just GM soy ALL SOY)

{taken from Dr. Mercola at}

  1. 91-95% of soy grown in the US is genetically modified (GM). The genetic modification is done to impart resistance to the toxic herbicide Roundup. While this is meant to increase farming efficiency and provide you with less expensive soy, the downside is that your soy is loaded with this toxic pesticide. The plants also contain genes from bacteria that produce a protein that has never been part of the human food supply.GM soy has been linked to an increase in allergies. Disturbingly, the only published human feeding study on GM foods ever conducted verified that the gene inserted into GM soy transfers into the DNA of our gut bacteria and continues to function. This means that years after you stop eating GM soy, you may still have a potentially allergenic protein continuously being produced in your intestines.Even more frightening is the potential for GM soy to cause infertility in future generations, which has been evidenced by recent Russian research.
  2. Soy contains natural toxins known as “anti-nutrients.” Soy foods contain anti-nutritional factors such as saponins, soyatoxin, phytates, protease inhibitors, oxalates, goitrogens and estrogens. Some of these factors interfere with the enzymes you need to digest protein. While a small amount of anti-nutrients would not likely cause a problem, the amount of soy that many Americans are now eating is extremely high.
  3. Soy contains hemagglutinin. Hemagglutinin is a clot-promoting substance that causes your red blood cells to clump together. These clumped cells are unable to properly absorb and distribute oxygen to your tissues.
  4. Soy contains goitrogens.Goitrogens are substances that block the synthesis of thyroid hormones and interfere with iodine metabolism, thereby interfering with your thyroid function.
  5. Soy contains phytates.Phytates (phytic acid) bind to metal ions, preventing the absorption of certain minerals, including calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc — all of which are co-factors for optimal biochemistry in your body. This is particularly problematic for vegetarians, because eating meat reduces the mineral-blocking effects of these phytates (so it is helpful—if you do eat soy—to also eat meat).
  6. Soy is loaded with the isoflavones genistein and daidzein-Isoflavones are a type of phytoestrogen, which is a plant compound resembling human estrogen. These compounds mimic and sometimes block the hormone estrogen, and have been found to have adverse effects on various human tissues. Soy phytoestrogens are known to disrupt endocrine function, may cause infertility, and may promote breast cancer in women.Drinking even two glasses of soymilk daily for one month provides enough of these compounds to alter your menstrual cycle. Although the FDA regulates estrogen-containing products, no warnings exist on soy.
  7. Soy has toxic levels of aluminum and manganese-Soybeans are processed (by acid washing) in aluminum tanks, which can leach high levels of aluminum into the final soy product. Soy formula has up to 80 times higher manganese than is found in human breast milk.
  8. Soy infant formula puts your baby’s health at risk. Nearly 20 percent of U.S. infants are now fed soy formula, but the estrogens in soy can irreversibly harm your baby’s sexual development and reproductive health. Infants fed soy formula take in an estimated five birth control pills’ worth of estrogen every day.

Those 2 ingredients (Sucralose & Soy) are RED FLAGS to anyone considering the Vi shake.

What’s in Shakeology?

Shakeology contains ALL NATURAL ingredients including super-foods, probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants, phytonutrients, digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals that come from the earth and there is evidence to prove it. They also work synergistically to make sure you are getting the proper amounts and absorbing the nutrients.Body By Vi contains chemical sweeteners, synthetic(means they are not from real food they are man made in a lab) ingredients such as dicalcium phosphate and fillers such as Maltodextrin, which is most likely made from corn and 85% of corn in the US is genetically modified. Another thing that is disturbing about the ingredients in Vi shakes is “natural & artificial flavors”. Neither of those are good. Did you know that food manufacturers can label MSG as all natural? It also contains ZINC OXIDE…REALLY?? That is a diaper rash/sun burn cream and is NOT meant to be ingested. I cannot find anything from Visalus explaining how they get their ingredients or how they are obtained. When I searched Visalus’ youtube page all I found, was “celebration” videos and Ryan Blair talking business strategies. You would think that if the company were promoting a “health” shake they would provide some scientific information or research informing the customer of what’s in Visalus shakes. I also could not find any articles put out by Visalus about health or weight loss benefits from these shakes. There are many  distributors claiming the benefits, but nothing I can find that is from the company itself. Beachbody does an enormous amount of research, puts out numerous articles and doctor’s reviews, and  publishes facts describing how Shakeology ingredients are formulated, how Shakeology works in your body, what shakeology can do for you,besides accelerate weight loss, and a considerable amount of additional information. You can even learn the science behind Shakeology from the “ingredient hunter” himself, Darin Olien, co-creator of Shakeology. You can even learn Where Shakeology ingredients come from?

4. COST 

How much is Visalus?

  • Visalus kits range from $49 for the maintenance kit(if you are looking to maintain weight) up to $299 for the Fit Kit(you can get your kit “FREE” when you promote it and get 3 people to join-that is another topic), which states that you can “build muscle”. REALLY??? Last time I checked you don’t just build muscle by drinking a shake and eating some snacks, nor do you build muscle by drastically cutting your calories. You actually have to workout to build muscle.
  • If you want to want to lose weight(I have heard people say they’ve gained weight), Visalus recommends the Shape Kit. The shape kit is $99 for 2 bags of the shake mix  and 10 shape up mix-ins(to change the flavor if you get tired of “cake”). The shape up mix-ins contain artificial ingredients as well. Visalus recommends that you drink 2 shakes a day to lose weight. 2 Problems with that: 1) That means you will run out of one bag of mix in 15 days, so the 2 bags will only last you 1 month instead of two, resulting in you having to buy MORE product sooner than expected.  2) 90 cals + 90 cals=180. That, is very low in calories for 2 meals, and you will have to make up at least 1020 calories between your 1 meal and 2-3 snacks. If you don’t get the additional calories in daily, your calorie intake will be much lower than the minimum calorie intake recommended for the day(for women) of 1200 CALORIES which leads to many health problems.

How much is Shakeology?

  • Shakeology is $129.95 customer price for a 30 day supply(suggested 1 serving/day) of whey or vegan flavors and $97.46 for a coach. That being said, with  the coaching fees paid, you are paying $113/month for Shakeology Home Direct(HD). When you become a coach, you can get yours paid for buy retailing it to 3 customers.


What are the Visalus flavors?

  • Visalus claims it tastes like “cake”. That is the only flavor. I do not have personal experience with the taste because I refuse to put all those harmful ingredients into my body. I can only base taste off of friends, clients, and family that have tasted it. I have heard everything from “It’s good, but I got sick of the taste after a while” to “It’s disgusting!” and everything in between.  I have also heard complaints that Visalus only offers 1 flavor. You can buy Shape up flavor packs at $12.50(if you’re not on auto-ship) a pop and load the shake with more artificial ingredients.

What flavors of Shakeology are there?

I have tried ALL flavors of Shakeology and do have favorites. First the, Greenberry has just been improved and has a mild strawberry flavor to it and is great mixed with fresh or frozen fruit. The Chocolate whey formula is my FAVORITE!! Very yummy. Chocolate Vegan is very delicious as well! Very chocolatey(One of my faves). Tropical Strawberry is also very good and has a very mild strawberry taste and can be great by itself or with fruit mixed in. Either way is very delicious. The only complaint about the Vegan formulas is texture, which is due to the brown rice protein and pea protein. If you are not familiar with this, it takes a little longer to absorb the liquid than whey protein, so the Vegan formulas need to be blended longer and given extra time to absorb the liquid mixed with it.(Kind of like quinoa). There is also a NEW vanilla flavor. I personally like this flavor very much. Strawberry whey was recently released and it’s a contender for my FAVE.

In conclusion, which shake is better Body by Vi or Shakeology? Shakeology is the obvious WINNER in my book! Beachbody as a company truly has the customers’ best interest (their health) in mind. They do their research and make sure you are consuming only the highest quality product with NO EXCEPTIONS!! They promote healthy lifestyles, not just a “magic” shake. In my opinion, I feel that Visalus is more about making money and earning a car. They are not promoting health by recommending dramatic calorie deficits and a shake made with chemicals. It is in no sense of the word a health shake nor is it clean.If we actual research what is in our “health” shakes we might think twice about what we put into our bodies.


77 thoughts on “Body By Vi vs. Shakeology Comparison

  1. Hi Julie, I just wanted to correct a few things on your post. I am not here to “bash” in anyway, as I have heard good things about your shakes and we are both fighting obesity and helping others to make better/healthier choices in their lives and that is a GREAT thing. But I feel I have to correct a few things and clear them up for you and your readers.
    First, our shake mix is only 90 calories because you add things to them, to get different flavors so our flavors are unlimited (unlike most shakes out there) being only 90 calories allows for more calories to be added from the milk/juice you use, the fruit, Peanut butter, sugar free pudding mixes, veggies, and many other options we would never recommend someone to replace a meal with a shake made with water…which is the only way it would be 90 calories.
    Second, We use sucralose for taste, and also to keep our products diabetic friendly. It is unfortunate that there is so much confusion and misinformation about sweeteners. Sweeteners have received bad press, primarily because of aspartame, which degrades when heated (it is safe when cold) and tastes bad. Sucralose has been found safe both in hot and cold applications, and has had over 110 peer reviewed studies completed. This is why Sucralose has been approved by over 80
    countries globally.
    Third, you are correct there have been problems with soy….our soy is GMO free AND Soy protein is protein ‘isolated’ from the soybean. Soy protein isolate has been widely used since 1959 in foods and for its functional properties, and has been used since 1936. There are no enzymes in soy protein, it is simply made by mashing up soybeans, and using hot water to extract the protein. No fiber, or phytates, or isoflavones, or anything else.
    As for protein, your body can only absorb 21 grams of protein, having 2 shakes a day and adding the protein you will have added from what you mix in, you get more then enough from our shakes.
    Taste, well of course that is a personal thing so I will not say how wonderful they are because everyone has their own preferences. Yes, the mix itself is one flavor…this is so you can make it anything you want and why the “flavors” are actually endless….just google vi-shake recipes and you can see there are literally 100’s of flavors.
    We are certainly not a “magic shake” we are a lifestyle change and we CARE about our people and there health as well. 😉

    • Thanks for your input Ginger.
      Adding 8-10oz of milk and sugar free pudding or veggies 2x/day and 1 meal with 2 snacks does not give someone near enough calories for their body to function like it should. When you consume less than 1200 calories/day your body actually stores the fat you eat. Sucralose, may be considered “safe” by a government that allows chemicals to be injected in our food, but is a chemical sweetener that can lead to a host of many unwanted side effects including weight gain(click the link in the article). There are other ways of making a product diabetic friendly. Soy protein isolate still comes from the soy bean and goes through a rigorous chemical and acid wash and high temp spray process. AND GMO free?? Is there proof? 91-95% of soy grown in the US is genetically modified. Check this article by well know Dr. Mercola
      There is NO set number of grams of protein the body can absorb but it does not store protein. There is a such thing as 30g “rule”. It says that at any given meal, you can absorb about 30 g of protein. This calculation could come from the daily protein intake recommendations, which are about 0.4 g of protein per pound of your body weight.

      Read more:

      I certainly will not call this a health shake by any means, when it is permeated with chemicals that have various health risks.

    • Thank you! I was going to comment but you did an amazing job! Vi is amazing and people are being misinformed! I lost 15 pounds in my first 90 days. Love trying all the shake recipes.

  2. You could solve this whole mess by joining weight watchers. ( I’ve lost 40LBS in 4 months with WW and working out) Put down the straw and picking up a fork! Diet shakes don’t teach you to eat healthy and live a healthier life! If you lose the weight this way and then stop drinking the shakes you are just going to gain all the weight back..on top of the fact that these shakes cost way too much money for a bag of powder.. EAT FOOD PEOPLE! Weight Watchers teaches you how to eat healthy and you can carry that knowledge with you forever, even if you don’t continue to pay for the service.

    • Good for you that you’ve lost 40lbs! That’s great!
      You have a misconception about Shakeology though. It’s NOT a “diet shake” nor is it “promoted” as such. Yes, it does help with weight loss as well as a whole host of others things including lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, increases energy improves digestion and more. Shakeology is a powerful accelerator for weight loss and can help you fight disease. It is a whole food supplement made from 70+ natural ingredients, including super foods, phyto-nutrients, and amino acids. Unfortunately, in today’s society our food is so stripped of the vital nutrients that our bodies crave that we need to supplement to get the nutrition our bodies need to help us stay healthy and fight disease. I also use this as my daily multivitamin. In the 2.5 yrs that I have been drinking it I have only been sick about 3x. As far as cost, if you consider the vitamins, minerals, protein, etc… that you would buy to keep yourself healthy, Shakeology is a great deal! I would much rather take something now to keep me healthy then pay medical bills later.

      • Love! Love your reply. SHAKEOLOGY has given energy I didn’t have due to numerous health conditions. I am exercising again & I am loosing weight in the process. I was horrible at taking my vitamins so with SHAKEOLOGY I know I have taken my daily dose of what I need. To boot I don’t crave sweets anymore. Your article is fantastic. I tried body by Vi & I hated it. I also did weight watchers for many years before finding out I had celiac disease & later learned I was loading my body with sodium with the frozen meals I was taking. I have learned to eat well with SHAKEOLOGY & I loved the results so much. I became a coach. It is worth every penny.

    • Think of Shakeology as your multivitamin in a glass. There is no magic pill or amount of veggies you can consume to give you the same nutrition as in one of these shakes. Weight Watchers works for some people and does the exact opposite for others. I am glad you have found something that has worked for you. The main goal for any Beachbody related product is to teach and promote healthy lifestyles. Plain and simple. Shakeology is not a diet shake and will never be promoted to be that as Julie has mentioned. The biggest thing I take from Shakeology is that my body takes and uses the vitamins in it much better and quicker than if I took a man made synthetic vitamin from a health food store. This is a bioavailable multivitamin in a glass and I have seen improvements in the lives of many as a result!

  3. Thank you. I have used shakeology in the past, but, due to cost constraints I had to stop and I have been considering trying Body by Vi but wanted to know what was in it first. I have been doing some research and I now know that I will be trying to get back to using Shakeology as soon as I can. I prefer all natural ingredients over fake any day.

  4. This is awesome. I have read many articles on the pros and cons of both shakes but this one really broke everything down. I have tons of allergies but after trying a sample of Greenberry Shakeology this morning, I had no reaction and I feel GREAT! My 5 year old even said the was good. Now this is coming from a very picky eater and that speaks volumes! I also tried Body by Vi. Let’s just say I have never felt so ill after drinking that shake in all my life (now I know why from reading this article….. SOY). If I were to promote anything I myself would have to tolerate it. Thanks again for this breakdown. Now I will be ordering more Shakeology.

  5. What an awesome comparison you have done! Thanks you for posting!! I see on some of these “Swap and Trade” fb sites locally that everyone has Body By Vi for sale. I also find it funny that they are trying to sell off the remainder of the bag that they have or the remainder of their personal stock that has accumulated. I have tried to find out why everyone is dumping their supply. I guess if your not happy with the product, Body By Vi doesn’t have the satisfaction “Bottom of the Bag” guarantee like Shakeology! I have used Shakeology for 10 months and in that 10 months, I have never felt better and have not been sick. (I was sick and lethargic all the time before.) I read through your comparisons and saw that BBV uses Sucralose. EWWE! I bet it tastes wonderful….(insert gross face). I don’t do fake! And who tells someone to add pudding to a healthy drink…Sugar-free pudding to boot. Sugar free means low fat, and when you see these words “Low-fat, or Fat-free” think of chemical shit storm. REALLY!! So it may help you loose some weight but watch the heck out for all the other health issues you are creating in the mean time. How can they advertise that as a healthy choice??
    I love that BB puts nothing artificial into their Shakeology. I loved it, and believe in it so much that I became a coach. =)
    And Ashley, THIS does teach you a healthy way of life. With Shakeology and Beachbody, you get all the nutrients and the support you need along with healthy eating menus and options. I pick up my fork for two full meals a day and have learned to eat healthy, unprocessed foods. Shakes may seem expensive, but what do you get in your meal with WW when you spend $4?

  6. I love this article Julie, and I am so pleased that there is this information available to people that are even considering Body by Vi. My personal opinion is that I feel its a horrible way for a company to try and make money by putting something on the market that is not really that healthy for you. I LOVE my Shakeology as well as Beachbody. I think the integrity of the company is far superior when compared to other weight loss companies out there. I feel that they are the whole package meaning you get an exercise program, a detailed nutrition plan (which talks about many of foods that you actually eat to clarify for the weight watchers comment above), along with your Shakeology, and a virtual gym to connect with other people who are doing the same workout to help motivate each other. So thank you again Julie for this well informed well put together information.

  7. Thank you for doing this! I am currenty using Body By Vi. It can taste really good. I get it for free from my sister in law witch is why I decided to start using it. Plus she was loosing weight. Although I had never done my own research. I am completly Shocked at this. When I think about it, I never feel full and tend to binge on snacks and stuff. I just can’t beleive this!!! Thank you for this. I think im going to switch. Im going to miss getting it complety free but I want to take care of my body the best I can. Thanks again!!

  8. Thanks for a great comparison! How can you not try something from a company who stands behind their product to the point of refunding the purchase price even if you finish the whole bag?! So awesome!

  9. visalus is so muxh better taste better and ive lost so much weight 🙂 its also the second largest weightloss company is us

  10. Put all you to shame. One should never drink there calories if they want to gain, maintain or even loose weight. Bash if you must amongst each other if you will. Truth be told. Shake are only to aide you in your goal and should never be use as replacements for a real meal. As wonderful as these shakes sound or taste, I’d rather get my calories through a real solid meal not liquid. There is no holy grail drink out there that will give you the true results of good nutrition and hard work. Put that in your shake and drink it!!!

    • Never drinking your calories is your opinion and you are entitled to it. The food we consume these days is so void of the nutrients it contained 20-30 yrs ago that we have to supplement to get proper nutrition or even just the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. I also drink Shakeology to get my daily vitamins, super foods, amino acids+++. I can only speak for Shakeology and say that you ARE supposed to eat 4-5 other small meals besides drinking it. You are not just consuming a shake, you eat “real solid meals” as well.

  11. Hello Julie!! Excellent and complete comparison. I’m from Puerto Rico and there is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion with these two products, I will say lack of information. May I ask if you authorize me to translate this info to Spanish and publish in my blog, obviously with reference to this article and having your name as author/creator? It will add a lot of value to spanish speaking people out there.

  12. I can’t help but be a little frustrated with your article. I think it’s alright to have opinions – we all have one, right?? Unfortunately, yours is quite one-sided and seems to be completely discounting any merit for the other alternative. I can’t disagree more with the people who call this a “great comparison”…..I think it’s a terrible comparison!

    Your rant makes it sound like Visalus is just toxic chemicals. Flat out – it’s not. It has helped literally THOUSANDS of people transform their lives (yes, myself included!). I lost over 100 lbs on Body By Vi and its “toxic soy, permeated with chemicals”. I’ve kept the weight off for over a year in fact, and I’ve never felt better in my life. I was laughing out loud at your descriptions of how only 90 calories for two meals is just flat out not enough to fill you up, or to lose weight. I’m 6’3, and now 240 lbs (was 340), and I felt FULL after my shakes. Just FYI – you can add fruit, yogurt, juice, WHATEVER YOU WANT to the shakes!! You make it sound so, so bad, and that opinion is just flat out wrong. You clearly have a strong bias and have not fully researched the other side of your comparison.

    It’s pretty easy to poke holes in the other’s product when you are so 100% behind your own, isn’t it?? I could probably do the same to shakeology, but I don’t want to. If you believe in it, that’s great! I hope it truly helps you achieve your goals. I just wanted to comment to say that these two products are probably a WHOLE lot closer than this article makes it sound.

    Good luck to ya if you do end up going with Shakeology……I’ll stick with my wonderfully healthy, delicious “toxic” (hahahaha!) Body By Vi!!!

    • Stroh-
      You are right everyone is entitled to their opinion. For you to say that my opinion is “flat out wrong” and attack me is very wrong of you. I HAVE done much research as per the ingredients in Body by Vi and quite frankly I would NEVER put some of those ingredients in my body knowing the side effect and potential dangers they can cause. They thing about toxins is that ingesting them will not harm nor kill you right away just as eating a gallon of ice cream before bed won’t cause you to gain weight right away. The little things done daily cause the greatest effect on our bodies. It takes time. So Please don’t attack anyone who has an opinion against Body by Vi. Like you said, we all have opinions and we ARE entitled to them.

  13. I have used visalus before and bought the kit from a friend. I saw the Tony Horton’s commercial on Shakeology and thought I would start researching the comparisons. Every website I went to showed the same stats but did not explain the details of the ingredients. They also were pushing Beachbody products and that lead me to believe they were being very biased. Your website has changed my mind and I will be drinking Shakeology from now on. Thank you

  14. Well, I’m sorry if it felt like I was attacking you personally, because that was not my intention. I just find your entire article incredibly one-sided.

    In your comparisons, it’s Visalus at 90 cals and shakeology at 160 cals and that’s a checkmark on the side of shakeology?? Ummmmmm…..??? Shakeology’s 6 grams of sugar is somehow better than Visalus’ 1 gram of sugar?? Really? You make it sound like if you use Visalus, you’re going to die from sucralose poisoning or something. Are you aware that there is more sucralose in one package of Splenda than in two Visalus’ shakes for an entire year?? Yeah, didn’t think so.
    Protein – checkmark Shakeology. Cost – also, somehow checkmark Shakeology (?!?!), taste (which is completely subjective) – again checkmark Shakeology. Too funny.

    The fact that you try to compare the two when you haven’t even tried Visalus leads me to believe it’s a pretty uneducated and biased opinion. For example – the taste comparison….so basically Visalus is anywhere from bad to terrible and everything in between? LOL!! Well again, thousands and thousands of people disagree (myself included)….sorry.

    In the end, the results speak for themselves. If Visalus is so terribly unhealthy for you, why are people losing hundreds of thousands of pounds using it? Why are people’s overall health improving so much that they’re able to get off medications as a result? Why would some health insurance companies actually cover the cost of Visalus calling it a health & wellness product?

    All I’m saying is that you’ve gotta give credit where credit is due. Bottom line – Shakeology is a great product, no question. SO IS VISALUS!!! I’ll stick with my Visalus and I have a feeling you’ll stick with Shakeology. Just wanted to present a bit of the other side of the ledger to make people aware it is far closer than it may appear in your article!

  15. Well I have done both. I started out with Visalus. And guess what? yep, I lost weight. In the first few days. Water weight. I had a strong addiction to certain foods. Those cravings continued. When I found Shakeology, those cravings went away. My energy levels went through the roof. And here is another fact. My blood sugars were averaging in the mid 200s the entire time on Visalus. My A1c was 11.7. 90 days after completing P90X and having Shakeology for 1 meal a day, my blood sugars averaged in the mid 100s and my A1c had dropped to 6.2. So there’s a “comparison” from somebody that has used both products. Thank you Julie for maintaining this blog.

  16. I find your entire write up to be ridiculous. How can you sart a conversation comparing the two shake mixes based on calorie counts when the first thing ViSalus tells you to do it mix it with milk? They also tell you that if you are going to mix it with water you should a) add more mix and b) eat more food.
    Secondly, you claim that soy is a terrible protein to use because soy contains isoflavones. ViSalus is both non-GMO and they remove the isoflavones so that whole argument goes out the window.
    Then you say that Visalus is misleading because the $99 shape kit doesn’t last for 30 days, but it does. The $99 Shape kit comes with two bags of mix which is 60 servings. So if you could do simple math 60 servings/30 days = 2 servings per day.

    On top of all that you can’t claim to be unbiased, when you are in fact a shakeology distributor. That’s like listening to someone who sells coke for a living tell us pepsi is terrible.

    • I’m sorry you feel this article is ridiculous Lauren.
      I think you might want to research the side effects of soy for yourself. Even non-GMO is harmful to a women’s body. I said nothing about the shape kit. Actually I was referring to the $49 kit(whatever that my be called). Lastly, I never claimed to be unbiased. I am simple stating facts about the products.

  17. Actually both soy and whey protein are allergenic and not good for you and can cause bloating, cramping diarrhea. Vegan non-GMO protein is best. I found Arbonne’s protein shakes to be the!

      • I understand that about the whey and soy …However the fact that this shake would use such cheap form of protein with very bad health effects of soy is just wrong. Shakeology uses HIGH quality protein.

  18. Julie, I just came across this and thank you for your input. I am a bit disappointed because, I was convinced to start promoting Visalus even though I am a Beachbody coach. I didn’t do my due diligence and research the difference, I was convinced mainly on peer pressure from my friends. I have always loved the Beachbody products, in fact I still do P90x and totally believe in it. My desire is to truly help people live a healthy lifestyle and be totally honest and transparent and give them the tools to accomplish lasting health. Now, I have to decide how to move forward.

  19. I have spoken to visalus sellers myself and I have tried it. It made me very sick and uncomfortable! I also drink shakeology everyday! Funny thing is,…When I asked the sellers about the ingredients as you did, Soy (yes very bad for women) and the calories, and sugar, and the fiber….ect…they got very upset with me and started to bash me personally. One even said to me, instead of worrying about what you put in your body you should worry about what you put on your body (because i have tattoos). I find it wrong and with visalus sellers i have seen this way too many times than i can count and seems to be quit representative of their company. They can’t answer questions about ingredients, so must mean someone showed them a before and after photo that claimed to be from visalus, but i bet it isn’t, and you know darn well shoving pictures and statements like…ive lost 100 lbs from it will get anyone to try it..Thats why their sales are up. Notice how their site is all glamour?? Photos and wow statements,…hardly anything about the ingredients. The sellers get so mad when someone has a differing opinion and they bash others, poke at them, and flat out insult them…dont see that with a shakeology rep. And oh, of course, its healthier and use quality ingredients..Soy protein is a very very cheap form of protein. I think of it this way….Its like buying dog food from walmart vs petsmart.

    • I am sorry to hear you were treated that way Tonya. It’s not right. If you don’t stand behind your product, why represent it?! Just my theory. More people need to come forward about their experiences like this.

  20. This is great to see everyone’s opinion. I’ve been on visalus for a good while. I received my focusT25 workout videos and now trying the shakeology shake samples that came with it. Thank you Julie. I will be ordering shakeology soon to give it a fair shot if not I will go back to visalus. We have to do whats best for us!

  21. This is great to see everyone’s opinion. I’ve been on visalus for a good while. I received my focusT25 workout videos and now trying the shakeology shake samples that came with it. Thank you Julie. I will be ordering shakeology soon to give it a fair shot if not I will go back to visalus. We have to do whats best for us! !

  22. Ashley I do eat food.. plenty of it and I also take my daily Shakeology. I exercise daily I did T25 and am now doing P90X3.
    I have lost over 30 pounds and am in the best shape of my life. I will be turning 47 in March and am back in the shape I was when I was in my 20’s.
    I am sure Weight Watchers is a good program but BeachBody is far better in my opinion.

  23. Thank you for this article!! I wish I would’ve found it sooner, for in my case it would’ve saved me some hospital visits and a whole lot of pain. I am glad that I’ve found Shakeology and yes I have done Body By Vi but when I put them side to side Shakeology wins in my book! Shakeology is full of nutrition and I can look at chocolate without craving it as oppose to BBVi which was great at first but then it did a lot of damage to my body. I will stay with Shakeology for sure!

  24. Julie, I just want to commend you on your responses to various comments on this page. Even when the replies have been less than nice, you have kept things very professional and recognized that everyone is entitled to their own opinion encouraged them along their fitness journey in life. Bravo to you!

  25. Great comparison, but I do wish you’d cite to a more credible source instead of Dr. Mercola (who the FDA has repeatedly required to stop making false health claims about the products he sells, and who promotes other claims that are not backed by science). There are plenty of more credible sources on soy, which is a controversial ingredient to say the least. Soy is also one of the cheapest ingredients out there (read “Pandora’s Lunchbox” for more on soy production and just how little it costs to manufacture). The fake sugar in the Visalus shakes is commonly used in other products, and not everyone reacts poorly to sugar alcohols. The bigger question is whether THIS sugar alcohol has an impact on blood glucose levels and insulin release. (There are some good articles on sugar replacements on Precision Nutrition, and some by Andy Bellatti.)

    One last thing: I also admire your ability to keep the discussion civil, even when people disagree. It is so important for all of us to engage in a public dialogue about health, and that requires we sometimes agree to disagree.

  26. Julie, this is the BEST and most educated article that I’ve come across in regards to comparing both shakes. Thank you for taking the time to research and provide such information in one place. To those that don’t agree to the comparison, it’s simple enough to do your own research. After all, facts ARE facts and at the end of the day, you still have the right to make your own decisions. In my humble OPINION, I’m going to AGREE with Julie. Not because she wrote this excellent article, but because I did my own research shortly after reading it and came to the same conclusion!!!! I wanted to share one thing that I found that was very interesting in regards to sucralose (or what is commonly called Splenda). The CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest) has recently changed the category for sucralose from “Safe” to “Caution” due to independent research that found out Splenda caused leukemia in mice. Check out the article for yourself: (copy & paste in a browser). Of course, they are still those that disagree with those findings. However, the CSPI made that change about 1 year ago and has not reverted back. On another note, I did some research on stevia, which is a natural sugar substitute from a plant and not processed (or man made) like sucralose. I couldn’t find ONE negative article. In short, I am GRATEFUL for Julie’s hard work and can make a more intelligent decision. Everyone should do the same. Thanks again Julie!

  27. What a great article! It seems you’re very committed to your subject, which is a much needed change. I see a lot of authors just putting up quick junk, which is unfortunate. I hope you know that people actually appreciate quality writing like this!

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