Getting Back To The Gym

Getting Back To The Gym

crowded gym

Let’s think about something for a minute.
In January, many people are getting back to the gym after taking a 2-3 month (OR MORE) hiatus from working out, then quickly drop off after a couple of months. Just check out the gyms come March! Is it lack of motivation, boredom, lack of commitment? I’m not quite sure. The average American that “heads back” to the gym will spend anywhere from $250-$700 for a yearly gym membership and most gyms require you to commit for a certain time period, so they can get your money. When you get there(after your commute), you have to deal with crowded classes, lines for machines, and many other annoyances. Wouldn’t you rather pay less and get more for your money when it comes to your fitness??

Getting Back to the gym got you nowhere?? That’s where I WANT TO HELP YOU!! I have spoken to many people about joining my fit challenges and there seems to be a fear of commitment. Why?? Is it a fear of the time it will take to get back into shape? A fear of failure? Cost? Challenges can range from you spending $0 to $245 for fitness, nutrition, AND support from your coach. Most of my challenges are 60 or 90 days!! That’s it!! You can do anything for 3 months. When it comes to your fitness and health, that is a very short time.

I am currently looking for 5-10 people who are ready to commit to their fitness and health and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a gym membership that they will never use. I am hosting a couple Challenge groups in January and February and would love to have you join. I want to HELP YOU SUCCEED!!! Get that body you’ve always wanted & more!! What do you have to lose? Besides a few pounds 😉

Who A Challenge is for:

  • Someone want  to lose a 5-100+ lbs
  • Post natal moms
  • Athletes training for an event
  • First time fitness folks
  • ANYONE who is willing to commit to themselves, their health, and take advice

What is Included in a Challenge?

  • A Top of the line Beachbody Fitness Program(P90X, Turbo Fire, Body Beast +)
  • Top of the line Nutrition with Shakeology
  • Personal support and encouragement in a small group setting
  • Commitment from me and others challengers to hold you accountable

What Can I get in a Challenge Pack?

Beachbody Challenge Packs

Beachbody Challenge Packs

Let’s do this together!! Let me help get you fit and healthy TODAY!! 🙂







Make me your coach






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