Meet Your Coach

Thanks for stopping by to find out more about me. I am a 30 something certified fitness instructor and personal trainer and like many of you I am also a wife, stay at home mommy of a young child (2yrs), and have a passion for helping others work and achieve all they never thought was possible. I find great joy in helping people believe that ANYTHING is possible, but you must be willing to take action steps towards the fulfillment of your goals. I truly believe that a happy life starts with being healthy, fit, and feeling good about yourself! When we feel good in our bodies, we often also find the motivation and energy to bring about positive change in other areas of our lives.

I’ve been able to successfully move from a special education position into helping motivated people become entrepreneurs starting and developing their own successful home businesses.  If you are looking for an honest, direct approach that will bring you to action, organization, and success; I can help you build that foundation. But, if you continually fail to follow through and take action towards your dreams, my techniques may not be right for you.

Growing up I was very athletic and loved all sports. I played almost every sport imaginable. In high school I played basketball and ran track. For those of you who were high school athletes, you know how extensive and grueling sports season (and off-season) can be. I went on to college with every intention of playing basketball throughout my college career. I became overwhelmed with being on my own, the class load, working, and adjusting to college life, and sadly gave up on that goal. I did end up playing 2 years of intramural basketball, which was just not the same intensity nor did it provide the same motivation to stay in shape. I quickly gained WAY MORE than the freshman fifteen.

At 23, I was unhappy & depressed about my body and embarrassed that I had let myself go. That year, the doctor told me I had high cholesterol. WHAT? That is something for older people! I knew I needed to do something about it. After many failed yo-yo diets, and being at my highest weight of almost 200lbs, a year later I decided to get up and make the change. I joined a gym and began taking classes. Turbo Kick & Zumba. I LOVED them both! I cleaned up my eating habits and saw results I was happy with. A few short months later, I became a certified group exercise instructor and a year after that, I became a certified personal trainer. I LOVE helping others find their “after” so much so that  in 2010, I became an Independent Team Beachbody coach to help more people achieve their goals! Recently, I decided to take my fitness up a notch & I completed INSANITY (along with teaching classes) and had amazing results. I’m looking forward to Asylum then Asylum 2!

I can help you take steps and action developing a foundation for the small business you are most passionate about in order to start living the dream you have always had. If you would like me to connect with you, please subscribe to my website and shoot me an email. I’m always looking for new business partners to join my own team as well as to help develop your own business ventures.



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