Success Club Disney 2013 309

As many of you know, I have my on fitness coaching business with the company Beachbody. I just got back from an AMAZING DISNEY Trip I EARNED!! That’s right, I did not have to WIN it, it wasn’t a convention, I earned it. What did I earn? I earned 5 days and four night at the Disney Beach Club Resort, which is just spectacular. I also earned spending cash for whatever I wanted while I was there. My family and I were spoiled with 2 decked out parties that included amazing food, entertainment for all ages, fireworks and even Disney characters. Let me tell ya, Beachbody knows how to SPOIL us! I was 1 of about 1,000 coaches in attendance out of 100,000 coaches in the company. I earned this trip just by helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle. The best part about it, is that anyone can be a coach and help others succeed in achieving a healthy and fulfilling life!! I would love to share more about how YOU TOO can help others get healthy and earn sweeeeet trips like these!

Success Club Disney 20133Disney Trip EARNED     Welcome receptionAnimal Kingdom Disney Trip Earned

If you have questions about coaching or my trip please don’t hesitate to ask!

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