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Beachbody Business Internship


You’re in the best shape of your LIFE, you are your own boss and work from home, you help those around you achieve their health and fitness goals, you have more free time to do the things you enjoy, & you are living the life of your dreams!

Is this you? OR do you want it to be?

I DID! Just a little over 2.5yrs ago I was working at a job I loved but I was working for someone else and was tied down to their schedule and their rules. I wanted something MORE. I wanted to be a woman who created something incredible for herself and her family.

One problem…right?? You have no idea how to make that happen or where to start. You have no clue how to reach clients, earn an income or brand yourself.

That’s why I am here. To help show you the ropes of moving your Beachbody Fitness coaching business forward towards success.


6 Week Beachbody Coaching Internship Program

A program designed to help you move your Beachbody business in the direction you need it to go. I will share my experiences and my daily business practices to help you skip all the trial and error and hit the ground running.

A little over 2 years ago, I was like you searching for something to help “pay the bills” and that wouldn’t feel like work. I did not want to punch a time clock anymore or be tied down working on someone else’s schedule. That just did not work for me.

I started my journey as a Beachbody Coach in November 2010 as a way to earn a little extra money and help a few more people get healthy. I soon realized what an incredible opportunity I had in front of me, and it could be SO MUCH MORE than a little extra money and helping a “few” more people. It’s turned into my passion that I want to pay forward!

Over the last 2 years of trial and error, I have learned the ins and outs of the Beachbody business. I want to share all of those tips and tricks with you in a more intimate, 1 on 1 setting. Sometimes, it just takes that one moment when everything clicks to get the ball rolling towards success. I want to help you reach that moment in your business. Let’s create a strategy to get your business going in the direction of SUCCESS from the moment you join my team.

Here’s what you’ll learn during the

6 Week Beachbody Coaching Internship:

Week 1: The Secret to Success

  • Learn my formula for sustained success
  • Determine what things are most important in your biz
  • Learn what how I keep it all straight
  • Learn about the daily tools I use to keep my business moving forward

Week 2: Social Media/Branding yourself

  • Learn what to post on Facebook & Instagram and when to post it
  • Learn how to connect and meet new friends/followers
  • Learn how to build a successful FB business page
  • Learn how to create YOUR brand and attract new clients and team members
  • Engaging your audience

Week 3: Running Successful Challenge Groups

  • Keeping your challenge participants engaged
  • Learn my formula for the ultimate advertising via your challenge group
  • Learn how to capture amazing testimonials
  • Turn your challengers into successful coaches on your team

Week 4: Building Your Team/Advancements

  • Tips on how to meet new prospects and how to invite them to join your team
  • Learn the basics of rank advancements
  • Become much more familiar with cycle bonuses
  • Learn the value of placement of your team

Week 5: Hosting Events

  • Learn how to run expos; health expos, bridal expos, and race expos
  • Run a successful Fit Club
  • Hold a shake & share in your home
  • Create an online event promoting your business

Week 6: Duplicating For Your Team

  • Learn my GSR formula and receive templates to duplicate for your team
  • How to take a leadership role with your team
  • The 12 Day Shakeology Challenge – get your team involved even when they are struggling to make the sale

This program will be run on FB and will Start on APRIL 29th!

AS A BONUS(score 🙂 ) You will also get one 30 min 1:1 call with me each week for 6 weeks.

Last day to join is April 28th. Join My Team

I look forward to working with you and helping you SUCCEED.

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