Follow Your DREAMS

Follow Your DREAMS

Follow Your DREAMS

Follow Your Dreams

What’s your VISION?? Are you following your dream? The one in your heart that you know you were called to do. While listening to a guest pastor at my church, Dr. Bill Moore. He really got me thinking about my own vision and how I am living my vision every day. He really lit a fire under me and confirmed that I am truly following the dreams that are in my heart.

I have not always seen my vision clearly. I “lost” my vision for a while. I had forgotten what I had loved so much when I was younger. 5 years ago I rediscovered my vision. I rediscovered my love for fitness and how much I love sharing it with others, helping them discover a happier, healthier life. I truly have a PASSION for helping others discover themselves, and become a healthier version of themselves. I have seen daily affirmations that FITNESS is my VISION!! This is where I am supposed to be. HELPING others lead healthier, happier lives. I am SO GLAD that I have rediscovered my vision and am living my dream! Are you following your VISION? Have you found it? The  dream that is in your heart, needs to be followed. Don’t push it down and stifle it anymore. Start living your vision and “following your dreams”!


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