**Tips To AVOID The Halloween TREATS**

Happy Halloween!!!!

I know how challenging it can be to avoid the candy bowl or your kids trick-or-treat bags when Halloween rolls around. I wanted to share with you some tips to avoid over indulging and ways to BURN OFF an extra 100 calories 🙂


  1.  DON’T buy candy you like if you are passing out candy to those cute little kiddos.
  2.  Set a limit for yourself. 3 fun sized pieces and NO MORE!
  3. Get rid of the candy so it’s not a temptations. Send it with your spouse to the office, donate to the troops, OR just pitch it! Some dentists even pay $ for every pound of candy turned in to them(check with your dentist).
  4. If passing out candy try: pure fruit lollipops, natural fruit snacks, individual dark choc bites, granola bars, raisins, dried fruit, Halloween themed pencils, bouncy balls, temporary tattoos, slime, playdoh, stickers, fun plastic glasses, fake teeth(all can be purchased at the dollar store).
  5. REWARD yourself for NOT touching the candy this year: pedicure, massage, a movie, new jeans, new shoes, a new power tool(for all the men 🙂 ) use something that is NOT food to reward yourself!

10 WAYS TO BURN OFF 100 Calories if you do indulge    

  1. Walk up 33 flights of stairs
  2. Jump Rope for 10 mins
  3. Try a HIIT for 10 mins like Turbo Fire
  4. Walk briskly for 15 mins
  5. Weight Train for 15 mins
  6. Pull weeds for ~20 mins
  7. Dance for 20 mins
  8. Vacuum for 25 mins
  9. Clean out your closet for 35 mins
  10. Bicycle(speed >10 mph) for 40 mins

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