Can Fitness Professionals benefit from Beachbody Coaching?


I have been a fitness professional for almost 5 years and I have a HUGE passion for helping people achieve what they thought was not possible in health and fitness. When I began teaching I quickly learned that I was not teaching classes several times a week and training clients for the monetary reward but for the “thank you, you’ve helped me lose 40lbs”, or “I feel so much stronger”, or “I fit into jeans that I haven’t worn in 3 years”.  Those are the BEST compliments someone in the fitness profession could ever get. It truly is a passion to HELP others SUCCEED! Let’s face it, as fitness professionals, we do what we do day in and day out because we LOVE helping others achieve their goals in health and fitness. Unfortunately, we are not likely to make a million dollars in this profession. If fact, you’d have to kill yourself in the gym teaching multiple classes per day, training clients morning til night, presenting, and doing whatever else we can get our hands in to hopefully make a decent living. Hearing the words “THANK YOU” from your class members or clients make every minute spent trying to inspire, encourage, and motivate them to keep pushing towards their goals SO worth it! Unfortunately, “thank you” doesn’t pay the bills!


When I decided to add coaching to my training/instructing business, I saw it as a way to HELP so many more people achieve their fitness goals. It was also a way to make additional income without killing myself in the gym everyday. What I quickly realized was that Beachbody coaching can be some much more. Coaching can create a financial freedom to allow you to train/teach when you want and how often you want.  Who wouldn’t want to CREATE their own schedule? You can make way more money being a Beachbody coach than you can training/teaching. You can INSPIRE more people to get fit and earn more $ without more expensive certifications and trainings or having a ton of overhead. Why wouldn’t you want to make MORE money doing what you LOVE, expanding your reach, spreading health and fitness to hundreds or thousands of people?

Beachbody Coaching is also a GREAT way to help your clients get their nutrition on track. Especially adding  Shakeology into their “diets.”  You can give your clients a solution to skipping breakfast in the morning or eating fast food! You can also offer them meal plans without spending hours customizing them to each client. AND for the clients that need more than their twice a week training session with you, you can suggest one of Beachbody’s proven fitness programs. The more you have to offer your client the more loyal they will be…right? Coaching is the a perfect companion to what we are already doing at the gym. With NO RISK, you don’t have anything to lose and everything to gain!

Are you INSPIRED to touch more lives? INSPIRED to HELP End The Trend of Obesity in our country? Let’s get you started! Contact me today with any questions

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