Team Beachbody in CANADA~FAQs

Team Beachbody Canada-FAQs

1. How can I enroll as a Coach with Team Beachbody?

  • Currently, individuals residing in Canada may enroll as a Coach, however, you will be operating a United States independent business with Beachbody in the United States. You can sign up    directly through their Team Beachbody coach’s website.

2. Will the Coach Opportunity be available to individuals throughout Canada?

  • Yes! Individuals who reside in any province in Canada are able to enroll as an
    Independent Team Beachbody Coach. As in the United States, a Coach in
    Canada must be at least 18 years old.

3. Can Coaches in Canada enroll non-profit organizations into their organizations?

  • Yes! Non-profit organizations (a registered charity) may enroll as an Independent
    Team Beachbody Coach (just like they would in the USA)—by completing the
    non-profit Coach application and submitting it to our Coach Relations team
    along with all supporting documents. This includes a copy of their organizational
    charter, as well as a copy of their Canada Revenue Agency Ruling or
    determination letter.

4. Will Coaches who reside in Canada see pricing in US dollars?

  • Yes! Since you will currently be operating directly with a United States business,
    all product prices will remain in US dollars.
  • In addition, Coaches will see their commission reports reflected in US dollars and
    will be paid any commissions due in US dollars (either by check or EFT depending
    on their personal choice).

5. Will Coaches be sent an annual tax statement verifying their earnings?

  • Yes! Coaches residing in Canada will be sent a statement of their earnings (for tax purposes). They will be provided a 1042 to file their taxes, and can expect to receive that in February.

6. Can Coaches who live in Canada take advantage of the military waiver?

  • Unfortunately, no. Our military waiver is only available to Coaches who reside in the
    United States.

7. Am I required to pay Provincial Sales Tax or Goods and Services Tax?

  • All Team Beachbody purchases of products and services are subject to sales tax,
    based upon the shipping address applied to the order. Team Beachbody will
    calculate and add sales tax according to the current rates that are in effect at the
    time the transaction takes place.

8. Will the Compensation Plan change when the company officially opens in Canada?

  • There will be small policy and procedure changes to accommodate Canadian law,
    but the Compensation Plan will be very much the same.

9. Will Beachbody continue to sell its products in retail stores in Canada?

  • The Coach Network is our long-term priority, but we currently have contracts in place
    that allow some retailers in Canada to sell a few of our more popular fitness
    programs at a premium price (higher than what Coaches pay or sell for).
  • Our goal is to use these sales to build brand awareness and to generate leads for our
    Coaches, but we will phase out retail sales if we believe it is not helping us to grow
    the Coach Network in Canada.
  • Each fitness program sold in Canada comes packed with a flier that explains what
    Coaches can do and how they can help you achieve the greatest results with your
    new program.

10. Why can’t Canadian residents officially become Canadian Coaches and operate
Canadian Coach businesses yet?

  • We are in the process of completing registration and regulatory approvals with the
    Canadian government. This is the last step before we can allow Canadians to
    operate Canadian Coach businesses.

11. If a Canadian opens a U.S. Team Beachbody business, will he or she be able to transfer
that business to Canada when the company officially opens in Canada?

  • Yes! We will automatically transfer a Canadian resident’s U.S. businesses to Canadian
    Coach business when we officially open.

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