Beachbody Coaching in Canada

Beachbody Coaching is coming to  Canada

CANADA- ARE YOU READY?? It’s Team Beachbody has opened a Pre-Launch of the U.S Beachbody Coaching Opportunity in Canada!  As of October 1st, 2012, Canadians can now become Team Beachbody Coaches; opening their official US Beachbody Coaching business!

Are you ready to be one of Canada’s first  Beachbody Coaches?
Ready to start creating your dream life?  Ready to be one of the first founding Canadian Beachbody Coaches?  Contact me NOW at The U.S. Coaching opportunity has just launched and is on the move! Don’t be left in the dust, get in NOW!

Here are some of the details:
Here is the important part, Canadian citizens can sign up for the U.S. coaching opportunity.  This means you will be a Team Beachbody Coach just like a U.S. citizen would be, and that you will receive commission payments in U.S. dollars and get U.S. tax documents for your coaching business.  When Beachbody finally launches the official opportunity (estimated to be mid 2013), your U.S. Beachbody coaching business will seamlessly transition to a Canada Beachbody coaching business account with Canadian currency, Canadian tax documents, and a Canadian distribution center for your customers.  You won’t lose any customers or downline coaches when the full launch happens.

Here are some Canada Beachbody Coaching Rules:
Here are some rules associated with the Canada Beachbody Coaching “Pre-Launch.

  • You can’t “re-sell”.  This means you can’t buy products from Team Beachbody and then re-sell them on the market.  You need to have your customers order through their account receive when they make you their Beachbody Coach.
  • You can’t advertise.  You won’t be able to advertise your business in newspaper ads or by soliciting, however, you will be able to run fit clubs, invite people to join challenge groups, etc.  Think of it this way, this shouldn’t affect you either because Beachbody is already doing the advertising with their amazing brand recognition and infomericals. We simply help the people stay committed to their health and fitness and help them reach their goals!

How Canada Beachbody Coaches can benefit from retail outlets:
We are aware that in Canada, Beachbody programs are sold in some retail outlets.  Here is how Canadian Team Beachbody Coaches will benefit from this:

  • The programs will be sold at a higher price point in the stores than if the customer were to order through their account with you as the Beachbody Coach!
  • The programs will include a handout directing customers to enroll in for endless support from the community and coach, like yourself.  This can results in a significant increase of customer leads for your business!
  • Brand recognition will continue to grow.  With the programs being in the stores, it allows the brand to be advertised  more.  Plus, if someone does choose to purchase a program from the retail outlet, this is a great way for them to be introduced to Team Beachbody and help them as their COACH.  As a Coach, you are now able to help them stay committed and motivated to reaching their goals!


If you have more questions,feel free to send me a direct e-mail at  Are you ready?!  What are you waiting for? I want to be YOUR COACH!!! 🙂



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